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Kick Off – Follow Live Football Games in Real Time

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Género: Deportes

Fecha de lanzamiento: 02/03/2013

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Kick Off is the most advanced football application ever created. Years of research have enabled us to create this breakthrough App which lets you follow football games in the most powerful way ever designed.

The main feature of Kick Off is the possibility of following live games from all the main leagues (England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Brazil, Champions League, cup competitions and much much more). However, these live coverages are very different from what every other similar app offers. Basically, you will see the soccer field and, in real time (less than 3 seconds delay since the event actually takes place in real life) see animations showing every corner, attack, goal opportunity, shot, throw-in, yellow/red card, goal, injury and much much more. It is possible to see exactly which team is holding the ball possession, if they are defending, attacking, or getting close to a goal opportunity. Kick Off lets you follow the live games as close to watching the game in television as it is possible.

Of course, besides this main feature, Kick Off allows you to see every statistic of the game in real time (as well as a powerful indicator which shows which team is dominating at any given point) and real text live comments providing our very personal insight in what is happening in every game.

Last but not least, you will have access to the full profiles of every finished game, from statistics to full comments as well as videos of the goals and main highlights.

✔ Real-Time live events (including Goals, Attacks, Goal opportunities, Goalkicks, Corners, Yellow/Red cards, Injuries, Penalties, Shots on goal, Shots off goal, Free kicks, Dangerous free kicks, Ball possession, etc.)
✔ Live Statistics
✔ Indicator of the dominance of each team at any given point
✔ Full text Live Comments
✔ Full profiles of finished games (including Statistics, comments, game analysis and videos)
✔ Videos of the Goals and highlights of finished games
✔ Share the games you are following with your friends
✔ Iterate between all live games in a beautifully crafted way

Available Leagues:
– Champions League
– Europe League
– Libertadores Cup
– Brazil 2014 Qualifying Games
– English League
– La Liga (Spanish League)
– Ligue 1 (French League)
– Bundesliga (German Leage)
– Serie A (Italian League)
– Superliga (Portuguese League)
– Jupiler (Belgian League)
– Superliga (Turkish League)
– Paulista, Carioca, Basileirão (Brazilian League)
– Major League Soccer (North American League)
– Mexico Primera Division
– Chile Primera Division
– Argentina Primera Division

Download Kick Off today and watch football games in a way you've never watched before. Regardless you use Kick Off to follow a football game when you can not see it on tv or as a complement to enhance your experience and knowledge while you are watching it on television, Kick-Off will revolutionise the way you watch football.

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